CWOP offers the Parent Leadership Curriculum to parents who are, or recently have been, involved with the child welfare system.

CWOP’s Parent Leadership Curriculum provides parents with first-hand information and guidance on the child welfare and court systems throughout a three-month course. 

The Summer of 2014 marked the sixteenth class of Parent Leadership trainees. The majority of our leadership trainees are able to transfer their successes in preserving or reuniting their own families into employable skills as Parent Advocates. They feel an increased sense of self-efficacy, and an ability to advocate collectively for policy changes that improve the system for all families. The Curriculum is peer-driven and self-perpetuating as the Curriculum facilitators are themselves graduates of the course. Visiting co-facilitators present legal, regulatory and additional skill-based information, and these evidence-informed peer-led practices are integral to all CWOP programs.

CWOP’s program strategy is a structured, three-month, peer-designed and peer-led Parent Leadership Curriculum, intended both to orient parents to their rights and responsibilities within the system, and to prepare them for meaningful employment as Parent Advocates and uniquely qualified policy analysts. Sixteen cycles of the Curriculum over the past thirteen years have yielded over 160 graduates. Over 50% have secured jobs as Parent Advocates with a variety of foster care, preventive, and legal service organizations and agencies.Over 50% of Curriculum graduates have secured employment as Parent Advocates. Over 70% of those who had children in foster care at the beginning of the Curriculum had regained custody by its end.

Our families.  Our children.  Our city.  It's time for change.